Blood Donation Essay in English


Blood Donation Essay in English 

Sometimes people meet with sudden accidents, or they are required to undergo major operations. During such times, they may lose a lot of blood. Such a sudden loss of excessive blood may prove fatal-that is, it might lead to death. 

But if given the right type of blood at the right time, the person may survive. But where does one get the right type of blood? And can one get it whenever one wants it? To meet this need of supplying blood of the right group to the patient immediately, blood banks have been established all over the world.

These blood banks collect blood from donors, classify it according to its group, and store it for future use. Blood banks get their stock of blood from people who donate it voluntarily, or for a price. Donating blood is a great service, and many lives can be saved by this. Any healthy adult can donate blood. 

Some people are afraid that they will become weak by donating blood. This is not so. In fact, our body makes and replaces the blood we have given within a few weeks. But a donor should not donate blood more than once in three months.

Many bottles of blood are collected through blood donation camps. These camps are generally set up by organisations like the Lions club and the Rotary club. Generally, after donating blood, the donor gets a card or a certificate stating this fact. 

There are doctors and nurses in these camps who help in this drive. The blood is collected and then sent to a blood bank. But blood is taken only if the donor is of the right age and weight, and is healthy, for if a person suffers from an infectious disease, it may be passed on to the person who finally receives the blood.

A large number of blood donation camps are generally held during war times and after major disasters like earthquakes and riots. At such times, it is heartening to see that large numbers of people come forward to donate their blood. This gives one a good feeling, for it shows that man is still unselfish enough to consider the needs of others.

undergo-अनुभवणे. major-अधिक महत्त्वाचा, मोठा. to prove fatal-प्राणघातक