Educational Value Of Cinema Essay English


Educational Value Of Cinema Essay English

DS Indians love cinemas, it is perfectly illustrated by the fact that bolly-wood is the highest producer of movies in the world. Besides, in India, movies in various different languages are also produced which adds to the sums. 

Cinema is among the favorites ways of Indians to pass lazy time. Cinema doesn't only mean affordable entertainment but also a very effective medium of spreading awareness. Thus, along with its entertainment value it also has educational value.

People watch movies on a huge scale in India. Whatever they see in movies, influences them deeply especially the youth & children. The activities of the actors have a great impact on the minds of the audiences and they inadvertently start following them. 

These activities may be good or bad both are assimilated into the behavior of the viewers. Thus, it is necessary to control what is shown the movies. The censor board should have the authority to deleted scenes which have a bad imprint on the minds of the audience &scenes containing violence, sex, burglary etc. must be altered. 

The basic aim of a cinema is to provide entertainment & if it is polluting the society instead, it is necessary to control the content of a movie. Movies can be used in constructive ways like spreading awareness about various diseases, social evils etc. 

For this it is not necessary to make movies only on these topics, movies on any topic may send useful messages to the masses by having only a small portion which has a massage regarding social awareness. In this way, the producers can make money combined with leading a hand to the social development of the country.

Movies made on historical subjects make the people aware of the history of the country. Many historical heroes come to life with movies made on their lives, such movies inspire people to do something for their country & develops a patriotic favor. 

Such movies can be very useful for national integration. This purpose is also served by movies made on the various wars our country has fought. These movies also inspire the youth to join the defense forces & thus help the country in a great way.

Movies made on true stories, particularly, are the most influential on the minds of the youth. They show case of some great deeds by great men & highlights their qualities like their seif confidence, courage & determination. 

Films made on the current situations can have a deep impact too. They describe the problems faced by various. groups of the society, Such films are widely acclaimed for their efforts to bring those problems in the light. 

Such films provoke the audience to do something for the under privileged. Animation films are very much liked especially by children. These films help children to paint beautiful pictures on the vast canvases of their imagination.

Indian cinemas have undergone huge changes since its first began in India. There was a period when only typical bollywood masala films were made but now-a-days filmakers are experimental in their ways of making as well as in using different scripts for their movies. We all hope, that the Indian cinema further changes for the good becomes more educative in its thought.

MEANINGS O illustrate - (इलस्ट्रेट) to explain व्याख्या करना o influences - (इफ्युएन्स) authority अधिकार o inadvertently - (इनऍडवरटेंटलि) in sufficient अपर्याप्तता से Totay at oprovoke - (प्रोओक) to excite उत्तेजीत करना privileged - (प्रिवीलेज्ड) enjoying peculiar rights विशेष अधिकारयुक्त O educative - (एडयुकेटिव) pertaining education शिक्षाप्रद