English Essay on Evils of Dowry


 English Essay on Evils of Dowry

The practice of dowry is something that is peculiar only to a few countries. India is one of them. Dowry is the gift given to a daughter during the time of her marriage. It is normally in the form of cash but it may be in the form of jewellery, property or other assets. 

It originally began as 'stree-dhan’. When this custom was started, the purpose behind it was to see that the girl had some security in her new home. If she had any problems after the marriage, she could use this money given to her at the time of her marriage by her parents.

But today, the original purpose behind dowry is forgotten. More often than not, dowry is demanded by the groom and his family from the bride's parents. The groom and his parents then spend it on things of their choice.

When a woman gets married, she is most definitely an asset to her husband. She looks after his family and home, caters to their needs, and sometimes, if she is employed, adds to the family income. She is certainly not a burden to anyone. 

Then why should her parents have to give money as well to the groom at the time of her marriage? Unfortunately, in some communities, a girl is considered a burden from the moment of her birth. Giving dowry is tantamount to selling one's daughter as if she were a commodity in the marriage market. 

It is an insult to the young girl and womanhood in general. It is an evil social practice which has brought ruin to many families. Sometimes, extra money or property is demanded at the last minute by the groom. 

The bride's family is forced to pay, or else they are humiliated in front of the guests. Very often, because of disagreement over the amount of dowry given, or because of greed, the new bride is harassed and tortured, and in extreme cases, forced to commit suicide or even burnt to death.

Isn't it ironical that in many states of India today, it is the educated youth that are asking for money? Well-educated engineers, doctors and IAS officials see no harm in demanding a large dowry. Fortunately, according to laws newly made, the taking of dowry is considered a crime, and the person concerned can be jailed for it.

Girls remain unmarried, families are ruined, and many brides spend their lives in misery because of this evil practice. It is up to the educated youth of India to put a stop to this evil practice. A girl should courageously refuse to marry the man who demands a dowry. 

She should firmly declare that she will not consent to being sold like a commodity  whatever the consequences. It is harmful to the self-respect of both-those who give as well as those who accept dowry.

So, young girls and boys of free India, unite! Refuse to give or to accept dowry; be independent and self-respecting. And spread this message to whomever you come across, especially to the illiterate. Only then can this bad social practice be stopped.

Ipractice of dowry-sel yarda. tantamount commodityव्यापारी उपयुक्त वस्तू. humiliated-पाणउतारा केला जातो. ironical-उपरोधिक.