Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages


Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages 

Television has long been in existence in Western countries. But to us in India, it is a comparatively new product. In Western countries practically every home has a television set. People spend a lot of their time watching television.

Television is better than the radio. On television we can both see and hear the programmers. It makes a better impression on our minds because it makes use of the senses of sight and sound.

It can be instructive and can relay entertaining items of news, lectures and educational programmes. In certain out-of-the way places, where there are no schools, television can be used to educate children.

People like to watch their favourite programmes on television. Those who delight in sports will watch boxing, wrestling, hockey, cricket and football matches on television. It is fun to watch dramas and dances and other musical programmes on television. So television provides us with a great deal of entertainment.

But it has its disadvantages too. It is still too costly owing to which our lower middle class population and the poor people are not able to afford one.

Another disadvantage is that those who see too much of television might become lazy. They might be reluctant to go out of doors. They will spend all their time sitting in front of their TV sets. They will not get fresh air or exercise by remaining indoors.

Besides this, they are so absorbed in watching TV programmes, that they have no time for their friends. If their friends come to see them, they do not bother to talk to them. They are too busy watching TV. So friendship will suffer and human beings will become more and more selfish. However, if TV is wisely used, it can be useful for it is both entertaining and instructive.