Essay on Good Manners


  Essay on Good Manners

When a person appreciates what we have done, by saying a polite 'Thank You', or someone says 'Sorry' when he has dashed against us by mistake, what is our reaction? We feel pleased and happy. We feel that the person has behaved in a very nice manner. Such a person is said to have good manners.

Good manners imply conduct that does not give offence. Charming behaviour and politeness are the pre-requisites of good manners. A man having good manners goes out of his way to see to it that he does not offend the feelings and sentiments of others by his words or behaviour. 

He is a man who readily uses words of courtesy like 'Please,' Thank you,' 'Excuse me', 'I beg your pardon', 'Sorry', and the like. These are words which cost us nothing, but make us gain a lot. Again, we should listen patiently when someone is telling us something. 

Interrupting a person indicates bad manners. While waiting for a bus or for a ticket, we should stand in a queue and await our turn. Young people should give due respect to and help the senior citizens, especially when getting in and out of trains and buses.

It then becomes a way of life with them. It is the duty of teachers as well as parents to inculcate good manners in a child. If parents and teachers themselves behave in a well-mannered way, children will automatically follow their example.

It is truly said : 'Manners maketh a man'. We judge a man from his manners or social behaviour. Good manners reflect good breeding and culture of a person. Everyone likes the man of good manners and enjoys his company. 

Today, in our competitive world, a well-mannered person makes a good impression, and can get ahead in life. It is very easy and simple to develop good manners; and it certainly makes the world an easier and better place to live in!