Essay on Save Water Save Life


Essay on Save Water Save Life

It is a common picture, and one which we Indians are used to seeing-a big queue of buckets or water containers in front of a public tap or a water tanker. Water is one of the essentials of life, something without which life is not possible. In an ideal situation, in an ideal world,

everybody would have as much water as he needs. But, in India and many other developing countries, this is not the case. In India, the cities are overcrowded. Water, to be used by the people, is stored in huge lakes, reservoirs and tanks. 

But the water stored is not sufficient for everyone, especially during the hot summer months. The problem is getting worse as more people migrate to the cities. To add to this, due to the cutting down of trees and forests, there is less greenery and consequently less rainfall

The villages are the worst hit. Most of our villages depend on the local rivers and streams for their drinking water. These dry up in no time, and are often heavily polluted and unusable. Animals and crops too need a lot of water, and unless proper arrangements are made, these suffer.

The need of the hour is to think of ways and means to save water, and to try and attract more rain. In cities, one must see to it that taps are always turned off properly after use, and that waste water is recycled for watering plants. 

Not a single drop of water should be wasted. Wherever possible, tanks must be built to collect rain water and store it. The government on its part should build different types of bunds and dams, and other natural water-storage facilities. 

During the monsoon, most of the rain water flows into the sea, and is wasted. If this water can be saved, it can be later used for irrigation and household purposes. Forests attract rain clouds, and the cutting down of forests and trees has been disastrous. 

Besides, the roots of the trees trap water and prevent it from flowing away, thus raising the level of underground water. In villages the villagers, under the guidance of their Panchayats, must devise ways to store water, so that they have sufficient water to last the whole year. 

The government is thinking of a plan to utilise the abundant water of the rivers in the north, so as to benefit the southern part of India, which always suffers from acute water shortage. We must make every effort to save water and implement ways that will help us to increase the amount of drinking water available to us. Only then will we and our future generations be able to lead a comfortable life.

essentials-अत्यावश्यक. acute water shortage-पाण्याची तीव्र टंचाई. consequently-परिणामी. are worse hit-जबरदस्त फटका बसतो. bunds-बंधारे. devise-योजना