Essay on Unemployment |


Essay on Unemployment |

Unemployment is one of the most serious problems facing our country today. There are millions of people in villages and cities who do not have jobs or remunerative work. Sometimes even educated and highly qualified persons are unable to find jobs.

Those who are unemployed find it difficult to make both ends meet. They and their families almost starve. They feel frustrated at their inability to find work. They become bitter and unhappy. They begin to feel that they are useless. 

This leads to psychological problems that may lead to anti-social behaviour, like robbing and extortion. An idle mind is the devil's workshop. So unemployed people often take to vices like smoking, drinking, drug-taking and gambling. There are even cases of some of the unemployed committing suicide.

It is not good for any society to have a high rate of unemployment. It is the duty of the government to deal with the problem of unemployment. Measures to deal with unemployment include providing relief to the employed and taking steps to provide work to the unemployed. 

In richer countries the government looks after the unemployed through various social security measures. Our government must do whatever it can to provide relief to the unemployed through unemployment doles, subsidized food, free medical aid and pension schemes.

Measures to provide employment include opening more employment exchanges, starting agro-based industries in villages and encouraging trade and industry using more labour and less capital. More handicraft, cottage and small scale industries should be established.

Another long term measure is to change the educational system to make it more job-oriented. There should be more vocational courses. Factories and industries may be asked to plan courses for jobs required by them so that those who take up such courses can find immediate employment in these industries.

The most important long term measure to deal with the problem of unemployment is to check the population growth. If we do not do this, the number of people seeking jobs will always exceed the available job opportunities. Drastic measures should be taken to check the population growth. The government must give top priority to the problem of unemployment in its planning.

remunerative work-किफायतशीर/फायदेशीर काम. to make both ends meetof HÀ TÙ, 3hrgeizi dico quit oorl. become bitter-g: rara. extortion-पिळवणूक. doles-बेकारी भत्ता. job-oriented-व्यवसायाभिमुख. drastic-कडक,