Essays on Drugs An Invitation To Death


Essays on Drugs An Invitation To Death

Addiction to dangerous drugs has been a problem in our country for the past few decades. This is a common problem generally among youngsters in both the very rich and the very poor, strata of society.

Drugs like LSD, heroin, cocaine and marijuana are all addictive. A person begins taking them in small quantities initially; but later on, is impelled to keep on increasing the quantity. This may ultimately lead to death if the habit is not controlled.

Why do people take drugs? The main reason is that it gives them a kick, it makes them feel nice. They forget all the tensions and problems of daily life, and are literally in a heaven of their own for those few hours. The feeling is so wonderful that they are

tempted to take the drug again and again. The feeling of well-being created by the drug is only temporary and afterwards the drug-taker feels depression. Since the drug-taking has become a habit, the person taking it does not stop taking it even though he knows that it is harmful.

Another reason why the youth take to drugs is that they perhaps want to be 'modern' and do what their friends do. Teenagers are afraid of being laughed at or looked down upon by their close friends. They want to be accepted by their friends, be a part of a particular group. 

And if the youngsters in that group take drugs, then they feel that they too must follow suit. That is why it is very important for a teenager to have good friends. At this stage in their life, it is important that parents keep an eye on the friends that their children make.

The drugs that are generally in use are quite costly, and in order to buy their daily quota or 'fix’, money is necessary. If an addict does not have the money, he is tempted to steal. An addict can stoop low even to beg and borrow in order to satisfy the craving for the drug. 

Sometimes, one may even kill for it. An addict loses his sense of what is right and what is wrong; all that seems important to him is that he gets what he wants. This type of anti-social behaviour often lands the addict in jail.

It is the duty of parents, teachers and all responsible members of society to see that youngsters do not fall prey to this habit. Those caught dealing in these type of drugs or selling them must be severely punished. 

Strict measures must be taken to see that such poisonous substances do not even enter our country. Only then will we be able to put a stop to this addiction, which is a sure invitation to death.

strata of society-समाजातील स्तर. heroin-अफूच्या अर्कापासून बनवलेली गुंगी आणणारी  Bitcara, cal. addictive- efta aqui. is impelled to-काही करण्यास भाग पाडणे/प्रवृत्त करणे. gives them a kick- नशा चढते. are in a heaven of their own-स्वत:च्या धुंदीत राहून परमानंद लुटतात. depression-औदासिन्य.