Modernization of Agriculture Essay English


Modernization of Agriculture Essay English

India is primarily an agricultural country. The majority of our people are largely dependent on agriculture. Most of our food and raw materials come from agriculture. Many of our industries are also dependent on agriculture.

In spite of this, our agricultural methods are mostly primitive. We depend heavily on manual labour, and on the rainfall, for growing our crops. We are not aware of the progress that has been made by other nations in this field. As a result, our agricultural production is very low as compared to that of other countries.

In order to solve these problems, we should educate our farmers and train them in modern methods of cultivation for better farming. They should learn to employ scientific methods and modern means of farming. 

We must bring in ideas from the Western countries and try to improve our agricultural production. Our farmers must be taught to use better seeds, proper manures and fertilizers, and appropriate machines to improve the quality and quantity of our agricultural products.

Since many of our farmers are still illiterate, efforts must be made to educate them. Once this is done, the farmers will be able to find out for themselves what suits them best, and which means are most productive. Loans should be given to farmers to buy whatever equipment is needed to improve production.

Not only this, agro-based industries should also be encouraged and incentives be given. This in turn will help agriculture. Since most of India lives in its villages, improvement of life in the village will automatically lead to an improvement in the economy. 

Other agricultural countries like China are making a great effort to improve and modernize their methods of agriculture. Because of this, even though China has a very large population, it has succeeded in becoming a prosperous nation. Our government must give top priority to agriculture, and try to raise the per capita income of the farmers. This will benefit the nation as a whole.

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