Saint of Gutters? — Mother Theresa Essay English


 Saint of Gutters? — Mother Theresa Essay English

Born to an Albanian builder, little Teresa was the youngest of three children. Her name then was Agnes Gonxha Bajaxhiu. Her father passed away when she was just seven. Her mother brought up the three children with great difficulty. 

At a tender age of twelve Gonxha as she was fondly called, meaning 'flower bud', declared she wanted to become a nun. She felt called to dedicate her entire life for the service of mankind. When she was eighteen, she joined the Loretto sisters. As a Loretto Nun she was sent to Kolkata to teach in a Loretto Convent. It was on becoming a nun that Gonxha took up the name of Teresa.

Gradually, Sr. Teresa began to see the suffering humanity around her. The more she saw, the more it disturbed her, and her heart ached to do something to lessen the pain she saw. She began feeling suffocated within the comforts of the high walls of the school. 

She finally left the convent with just Rs. 5/- in her pocket to help the poor. She lived with the poor. Seeing the kind of life she lived some girls voluntarily joined her. Soon she founded an order of Nuns called the “Missionaries of Charity". People then, fondly called her 'Mother Teresa, the Saint of the Gutters'.

Dressed in a white sari with blue border, very soft-spoken, fair-looking, she worked tirelessly to relieve pain, disease and unhappiness of the poor, the disabled and the diseased. She worked with love and compassion in her heart and faith in God. 

She started alone but today her Order with more than 4000 nuns works in more than 120 countries where it runs over 180 educational establishments, about 1500 clinics and some 800 homes. The moving spirit of Mother Teresa fires the heart of every worker of the Order. 

There is nothing but respect and whole-hearted support for the workers of Sisters of Charity. The world has felt and acknowledged her power of love, service and compassion. She has been showered with praises, respect, honours, awards, money and everything. 

Books have been written about her. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the Leo Tolstoy International Award, the Bharat Ratna and hundreds of other honours. The great dignitaries of the world, including the Pope, showed their appreciation and respect for Mother Teresa.

On September 5, 1997 Mother Teresa passed away. But her work and influence continues. The fire she has lighted goes on. Her followers continue to walk along the path shown by her. Mother Teresa lives in their heart.