The National Bird of India Essay


 The National Bird of India Essay

Have you ever seen a dancing peacock? It is one of the most amazing sights you can ever behold; the complete abandon with which it spreads it exotic feathers of green, blue

and turquoise is a delight for anyone to see. The peacock's dance in the rain' has been the cause of many a poet and writer penning verses and stories that tell of a bird endowed with in describable beauty, dignity and majesty.What holds one's attention particularly, is its multi-hued tail, and feathers that are fit to decorate any crown of jewels.

The peacock can fly short distances, and even though it is referred to as a 'bird' it does not take flight in the true sense of the word. It can fly reasonable heights. Its diet consists of grain and worms. He can be seen roaming the roof tops of houses even in cities where there is open ground and woods.

Its arch enemies are few, but the snake is dreaded by the peacock who is always careful and watchful, in case a snake suddenly attacks it when it is quite unprepared to escape.

The peacock is the primary attracter as the pea-hen in comparison is dull and inconspicuous. Peacock feathers are used as bookmarkers, fans and decorations. A large handicrafts business flourishes through exports of peacocks feathers,