Why Say No to Tobacco Essay English


 Why Say No to Tobacco Essay English

'Cigarette smoking is injurious to health'. This legally compulsory warning is printed on all cigarette packets. The reason for this warning is that cigarettes contain tobacco, and tobacco is injurious to health.

Despite this clear warning, people don't stop smoking. When we look around, we see people with cigarettes between their lips; there are cigarette stubs scattered on the roads and other public places. Some people even chew tobacco.

Aren't these people really being very foolish? Today, everybody knows that cigarette smoking is likely to lead to cancer of the lungs. For every cigarette smoked, a person's life span decreases by a few minutes. 

The smoker harms not only himself but those around him too, who are called 'passive smokers' because they inhale the smoke let out by the smokers. Through no fault of theirs, these 'passive smokers' are made to suffer, for their health too gets affected. 

This is even worse when these passive smokers' are infants and growing children. Chewing tobacco is equally bad. People who chew tobacco normally keep it in one corner of the mouth for a long time. And what is the result? The person contracts oral cancer- that is, cancer of the mouth. This can even prove fatal.

And what are the benefits of tobacco? There are no benefits. The user may temporarily feel a little relaxed, but that is a false relaxation. Soon, the user will need more and more amounts of tobacco to get the same amount of pleasure. 

He gets into the bad habit of smoking or chewing tobacco. This is called addiction, and it is very difficult to get over it. Western countries, realizing the harm that tobacco can do, have tried every means to discourage smoking. 

In India too, smoking in public places like the railway stations, educational institutions and many private institutions is banned. Most literate people are aware of the harm caused by tobacco. Illiterate people, especially in villages, must be given this information, for they are the ones who do not even have proper medical facilities to help them. 

Advertisements on TV are trying to discourage the use of tobacco, and as these advertisements show famous film and sports personalities, we hope that they will be successful. The solution to all this is simple. The first time you are tempted, or someone tries to tempt you, do the wise thing. Saya firm 'NO' to tobacco.

a. addiction-व्यसन, चटक. toget over- रोखणे. if only-काय मजा येईल. tempted-भुरळ पडली, मोह झाला. firm-खंबीरपणा व्यक्त करणारा, निश्चयी.)