essay on Science: A boon or a curse

essay on Science: A boon or a curse

In the primitive stage, thousand years earlier the needs of human beings were very limited. He only needed and expected food and shelter. However, he was curious about everything happening around him. 

At the same time human intelligence started solving the natural riddles. His thirst for knowledge, discovery and inventions is limitless. Science is the name of the process by which man satisfies his urges and aspirations. 

Science has helped in understanding and solving the mysteries of nature. Thousands of scientists took hundreds of years to solve countless natural riddles. Now we have fine cloth to put on, well equipped kitchen, different food variety, railway, car. 

plane, vehicles, T.V., wireless, computers, mobiles and internet. This is the result of continuous efforts by the scientist. These inventions have added happiness and luxury to our life. Now man has reached to the moon. Atom is further divided in fractions. These are the blessings of science.

However, all depends upon how and for what one uses this progress. If this progress is employed for bad intentions, science turns out to be a curse. Knife can be used to chop the vegetable or can be used to kill a person. Electric current can be used to generate energy and same can be used to provide shock. Atoms

can be used to develope energy or can be used as disastrous weapons that kills lakhs of humans, animals, plants within seconds. Same medication may offer life to a diseased person or may kill the healthy person.

When scientist answered all the riddles they had good intentions. They wished that this progress should be employed for the happiness and luxury of the human race. However, man is a notorious animal. He used science for personal luxury and also for destruction. 

Science has blessed us with numerous equipments but failed to teach us moral values. Science had definitely solved our difficulties but at the same time it has increased our problems. We have large number of vehicles at our service but then there are hundreds of accidents taking place every day. 

We discovered medicines and cure for many diseases but at the same time diseases like cancer or AIDS is a major threat to us. Science is knowledge and knowledge is power. Now, we must know how to use this power to our advantage. 

It should be used as a servant, an implement to improve the quality of life. Science is certainly a blessings if used for right cause and for the right purpose.