We all have grown up listening to mythological stories saying that God was pleased and he granted his devotee a wish. It is said that God always help them who worship him with great devotion or meditation. What would I do if I happen to meet God? What should I demand? I started wondering.

To be frank, we always pray God to fulfill our desires. We have the next wish ready as soon as the first is satisfied. We also bribe God so that he fulfills our wishes. But if at all I meet God, I would definitely like to ask something for the entire world and not particularly for myself.

We are experiencing the threat of bomb blasts, terrorism, wars and violence all around the world. All these activities have killed thousands of innocent people till now. Innocent children turn orphans, and die of hunger and sickness. 

I would wish such evil practices are eliminated from this world and everyone shall live with peace and harmony. So, I shall ask God to bless us with a little thoughtfulness so that we live together with mutual under- standing and co-operation. 

God never made any discrimination based on caste, race or sex. It is we who have created all these barriers. Hence I shall request God to order man to eradicate every kind of discrimination from this world. 

The world should be a free, secular and barrier-free one where each human being is safe, fearless and concerned about others. I shall plead God to stop the selfish quests, clashes for every small cause and rivalry and instead create a healthy competition that would help in overall progress of mankind.

Let the inventions and research in the field of science or technology be used for the development of man and and all other creatures. I want God to bless me with this wish only. If this dream comes true, our earth will be the best place to live in. 

The aim, with which God has created this world, will be achieved. Then perhaps, God himself would like to come and stay on this beautiful planet.