Poverty is a Curse Essay English

 Poverty is a Curse Essay English 

Poverty is a curse that human race is facing all over the world.The only difference is that the percent changes in different nations. Percent in western countries is much less as compared to eastern, developing countries.

India is a nation which is facing poverty as a major problem. 40% of our total population is below the poverty line. Massive growth in population is an important precursor of poverty. In many families there is just one bread-earner while dependents are many.

Budget is disturbed and everything essential is at stake. Many deliberatives are pressing hard about this menace but government turns a deaf ear to them. Government has also failed in creating new jobs.

On the other hand educational system is producing graduates and post graduates at a very high rate. Naturally, jobless population growth is high resulting in poverty. There is definite system to define poverty.

One universally accepted method is to work out nationwide income per head. Here annual national income is divided by total population of the nation of the same year-such per capita income in India is very low. This shows the scale of poverty in India. The individual who is getting less than 2400 calories is considered poor.

Poverty triggers many social problems. It disturbs the peace of the society. Food, shelter and clothing are the basic needs of human beings. The poor are deprived of these basics. Naturally they adopt unethical ways to generate funds.

Theft, pick-pocketing becomes a usual practice. Many Indians are lazy. They do not want to work or do not wish to do any labourous job while they want money. This tendency keeps their jobless and result is poverty. Vices like alcohol, tobacco, gutka etc.

make the person spend money. Once he gets addicted he cannot do without it. In addition to loss of money his health is at stake. He is often prone to some disease demanding expenses. This goes on adding to his poor status.

He is not physically fit to work and poverty is multiplied. India is an agricultural country. The farmers in rural areas do not have enough land to fend themselves and their families. Apart from this, we are becoming poor due to lack of proper education, superstitions, social traditions etc. Government is trying hard to eradicate poverty.

We have initiated the five years plans, different kinds of loans through banks and self employment. But to get rid of poverty we must first control our population. Increase in the production, capitalizm, equal distribution of resources and financial planning can boost our economy.

If we adapt some strong measures, we can bring every person of this nation above the Roverty line and satisfy our basic needs