Our National Flag Essay In English


 Our National Flag Essay In English 

Amidst much cheering and nostalgia, when for the first time on 15th August, 1947 our National Flag was hoisted, every Indian's head was raised with pride and hope - for India was at last free from British bondage.

Our National Flag is 'tricolour' which means, it is made up of three colours. The top stripe is saffron, which stands for patriotism, the middle is white, which symbolises peace and tranquility and green, which is the bottom band, stands for prosperity. 

In the centre is Ashoka Chakra, which is dark blue in colour and contains twenty four spokes. The Chakra is a symbol of progress. The flag reminds us of the struggle, sacrifice and undying loyalty of all the martys who died serving the nation. 

As a mark of respect, the flag is hoisted on the top of all government buildings, on national festivals. When other flags are hoisted beside our flag, ours is always a little higher than the others. Every Indian rises when the flag is hoisted as a mark of respect which lives in each heart even today.


1. Why is the 15th August, 1947 a proud moment for every Indian? 2. Describe the National Flag explaining each band of colour What does the Chakra signify? What happens on national festivals? 5. Why do we stand up when the flag is hoisted? 6. How should we honour our country and the sacrifices our freedom fighters made?