Suzanne Somers Biography

Suzanne Somers Biography

Suzanne Somers: The Persevering Queen of Entertainment


Suzanne Somers, a name that resonates with fans of entertainment, has dazzled the world with her multifaceted talents and unique charm. In this biography, we will take a closer look at the life of this remarkable woman, from her humble beginnings to her rise to fame. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride through Suzanne's life, with a dash of humor and a lot of inspiration.

Early Life and Family

We all have to start somewhere, right? Even the stars.

Suzanne Somers was born on October 16, 1946, in San Bruno, California. She grew up in a tight-knit family, raised by her father, Frank Mahoney, and mother, Marion Mahoney. Her family wasn't your typical showbiz clan; her father worked as a laborer, and her mother was a medical secretary. Suzanne's childhood was far from glamorous, but it laid the foundation for her future success.

The Three's Company Breakthrough

Who would have thought that a misadventure with a simple traffic ticket could lead to stardom?

Suzanne's big break came in the late '70s when she was cast as Chrissy Snow in the hit sitcom Three's Company. This role was a turning point in her career. The character's innocence and charm struck a chord with the audience, and Suzanne's comedic timing had us in stitches. However, it wasn't all fun and games.

Behind the scenes, Suzanne had a little dispute with the producers about her paycheck. She wanted equal pay with her male co-star, John Ritter. After all, who wouldn't want a few extra dollars to buy more ThighMasters? She stood up for her rights, and in the end, she got the raise she deserved. Bravo!

The Infamous ThighMaster

Flabbergasted by flab? Well, Suzanne had the answer!

In the '90s, Suzanne introduced the world to the ThighMaster, a simple exercise device that promised to tone your thighs and more. She became the face of this infomercial sensation, and it sold like hotcakes. If you didn't have a ThighMaster at home, you were clearly missing out on the fitness trend of the decade. Suzanne sure knew how to make squeezing a piece of foam look glamorous!

A Health Advocate

In the battle of the bulge and the pursuit of wellness, Suzanne emerged as a true warrior.

Suzanne's career took an unexpected turn when she became an advocate for alternative medicine and holistic health. She authored books on the subject, delving into her own experiences with breast cancer and hormone replacement therapy. Her frank and open discussions about these issues made her a health icon.

A Bit of Dancing

From thigh-squeezing to fancy footwork, Suzanne took on the dance floor.

Who could forget Suzanne's time on Dancing with the Stars? In 2015, at the age of 68, she partnered with professional dancer Tony Dovolani and waltzed her way into the hearts of viewers. Despite the challenging nature of the competition, Suzanne displayed an inspiring level of dedication and proved that age is just a number when it comes to dancing!

Personal Life and Love

It wouldn't be a Hollywood biography without a dash of romance, right?

Suzanne's love life has been nothing short of eventful. She was married to Bruce Somers in 1965, and together they had a son, Bruce Jr. However, the marriage didn't stand the test of time, and they divorced in 1968. In 1977, Suzanne married her current husband, Alan Hamel, and they have been together ever since. They've not only built a life together but have also been collaborators in various projects, demonstrating a strong partnership.

The Humorous Side

Let's face it, life can't always be serious. Even the most inspiring journeys have their funny moments.

One of the most humorous moments in Suzanne's career has to be the infamous episode of Three's Company where she got stuck in a waterbed. The zany and slapstick comedy of the show made it a classic, and this particular scene is still a fan favorite. Sometimes, it's the mishaps and blunders that make life memorable.

Suzanne's Enduring Legacy

Suzanne Somers has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment and health advocacy. Her journey, from a modest upbringing to becoming a household name, is nothing short of inspiring. She has proven that determination, talent, and a sprinkle of humor can take you far in life.

Suzanne Somers: Her Career Ups and Downs


In this part of Suzanne Somers' biography, we'll delve into her rollercoaster career, exploring the highs and lows of her life in showbiz. While she's achieved incredible success, it hasn't always been a walk in the park. Get ready for some intriguing twists and turns!

Three's Company and the Controversial Departure

Who could forget those hilarious Three's Company episodes? But did you know about Suzanne's dramatic exit?

As Chrissy Snow, Suzanne Somers became a household name, thanks to the sitcom "Three's Company." It was a show packed with hilarity and misunderstandings, but Suzanne's time on the series took a surprising turn.

In 1980, Suzanne decided to take a stand for equal pay. She wanted her salary to match that of her male co-star, John Ritter. Her bold move caused quite a commotion behind the scenes, and she was eventually let go from the show. It was a tough period in her career, but Suzanne never backed down when it came to her principles.

From TV Star to Infomercial Queen

When life gives you lemons, make infomercials.

After her departure from "Three's Company," Suzanne Somers found herself at a crossroads. But instead of fading into obscurity, she embraced a new chapter in her career – the world of infomercials. Enter the ThighMaster!

The ThighMaster, a seemingly simple contraption, became an overnight sensation. Suzanne's infomercials were hard to resist, and suddenly, everyone wanted to tone their thighs. Who knew a little piece of foam could bring such joy (and healthier thighs) to so many?

Health and Wellness Advocate

It wasn't all about entertainment; Suzanne took on serious health issues with grace.

Suzanne Somers' journey in health advocacy began when she faced a personal health crisis. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and chose a controversial path for treatment – bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This decision sparked a new chapter in her life.

Suzanne became an outspoken advocate for alternative medicine and holistic health. She wrote numerous books on the subject and shared her personal experiences, shedding light on different treatment options. Her courage in tackling these issues resonated with many, and she became a beacon of hope for those seeking alternative paths to wellness.

A Passion for Dancing

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

In 2015, Suzanne Somers joined the cast of "Dancing with the Stars." At the age of 68, she showed the world that age is no barrier to learning new skills, even dance. Partnered with Tony Dovolani, Suzanne gracefully glided across the dance floor and proved that she had some fancy footwork up her sleeve.

Her journey on the show was inspiring, and she gained a legion of new fans who cheered for her spirit and determination.

Suzanne's Personal Life

She had her share of ups and downs in her personal life too.

In the world of Hollywood, personal lives are often under a microscope, and Suzanne was no exception. She married Bruce Somers in 1965, and they had a son, Bruce Jr., together. However, the marriage ended in divorce in 1968.

In 1977, Suzanne married Alan Hamel, and they've been together ever since. Their marriage has been a strong partnership, both personally and professionally. Together, they've tackled various projects and demonstrated the power of collaboration in a marriage.

The Funny Side of Suzanne

Life can't always be serious, and Suzanne has had her share of laughs.

One of the funniest moments in Suzanne's career has to be her infamous "Three's Company" episodes, where her character, Chrissy Snow, had a knack for getting herself into hilarious predicaments. It's those lighthearted and laugh-out-loud moments that remind us to enjoy life's amusing side.

Suzanne's Remarkable Legacy

Suzanne Somers' life has been a whirlwind of success, controversy, and personal growth. Her story serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to stand up for their beliefs, embrace change, and continually reinvent themselves. Her journey from sitcom stardom to health advocacy, with a touch of humor along the way, paints a vivid portrait of a remarkable woman who's left an enduring legacy in the world of entertainment and wellness.


In Suzanne Somers' tumultuous career, we see a woman who knows how to navigate life's twists and turns with determination, wit, and a bit of humor. Her refusal to be confined to a single role or label, and her openness to change, has not only kept her relevant but also made her an icon in the world of entertainment and health advocacy. Suzanne's journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the pursuit of one's passions.