Essay on Life in a Hostel


 Essay on Life in a Hostel

Many a times a student may happen to leave his home and join some college-hostel for higher studies. He may feel lonely as in a hostel he will find himself in a totally new atmosphere. There will he miss his mother's tender affection and understanding. 

He will miss his father's vigilance and his brother's interest in him. He will miss his old friends. He may feel nervous. True, in hostel-life a student losses the emotional background, but he gets may benefits in return which he may miss in a family  life. 

So one should see to the positive aspects of hostel life. It gives many joys. In a hostel everybody stands out alone. Family background is thrown into the background and a student gets a totally new background and atmosphere. 

He is free from family bondage. He is to himself. So he can peep into himself and discover and shape his own individuality. He has to take his own decisions which adds a new trait to his personality. He gets many experiences good and bad. And experience being the teacher of wisdom, he manages himself wisely. 

He lives and learns. In a hostel a student is a full time student' and has ample of his own time at his disposal. So he can plan his own schedule of the day and follow it. He may study or play some game or develop some hobby like reading and utilize his time.

When a student stays in a hostel he meets his room-mates, other students. He can develop independant relations with them. All of them are on par. So their relation is a relation of 'equality, These relations are 'open minded relations which broden the edges of his mind. 

He gets friends coming from other corners of the country. So he gets an opportunity to know about other styles and standards of life in India. He comes across many other people like his teachers. Hostel-life teaches him how to talk to them and how to behave with them. He becomes polite, obedient soft-spken and mannerly

Hostel life teaches proper utilization of money. A student learns to cut his coat according to his cloth. He gets a monthly amount from his family. The amount is limited and mostly he cannot demand more. So he learns to manage himself economically. 

He learns to give priority to his needs and learns to be particular in his budget and expences. This habit of economy stands him in good stade through out his life.

One may dislike hostel life on the grounds that one is fully free from family curbs. So one may get bad company and go astray. The student is free to while away his time and may become a vagabond. Yes, these can be taken into account as the sad or negative aspects of hostel-life. 

But they are possible in exceptional cases and are not always the rule. If one takes hostel-life in the sense it should be taken, then all the benefits fall to his lot Life in a hostel teaches discipline, social etiquetts and good manners of behaviour, veneration, independant thinking and a capacity to take wise decisions. 

It teaches economy and proper expenditure of time and money which are the valuable belongings in a hostel. These are the characterstics of well-developed personalities. They are the true fruit and joy of a healthy hostel-life. 

शब्दार्थ : atomsphere (अॅटमॉस्फीयर) - वातावरण, tender affection (टेंडर अफेक्शन) - हळुवार प्रेम, vigilance (विजिलन्स) - लक्ष; to stand out (टु स्टॅण्ड आऊट) - वेगळे पडणे; to throw into the background (टु थ्रो इन्टु द बॅग्राऊण्ड) - बाजूस सारणे; पार्श्वभूमीवर टाकणे; bondage (बॉण्डेज) - बंधन; to peep (टु पीप) - डोकावणे; to shape (टु शेप) - आकार देणे; to take a decision (टु टेक अ डिसीजन) - निर्णय घेणे; a trait (अ ट्रेट) - व्यक्तिमत्त्वाचा गुण; wisdom (विस्डम) - हुशारी; ample (अॅम्पल ऑफ) - पुष्कळ; to develop (टु डिवलप्) - विकसित करणे; on par (ऑन पार) - समसमान; to broaden (टु ब्रॉडन) - रुंदावणे; style and standard of life (स्टाइल अॅण्ड स्टॅण्डर्ड ऑफ लाइफ) - जीवनाची शैली व राहणीमान; to cut out one's coat according to one's cloth (टु कट आऊट वन्स कोट अॅकॉर्डिंग टु वन्स क्लॉथ) - कपडा पाहून कोट कापणे, म्हणजे अंथरुण पाहून पाय पसरणे; to live within means (टु लिव विदिन मीन्स) - ऐपतीनुसार राहणे; to stand a person in good stead (टु स्टॅण्ड अ पर्सन इन गुड स्टेड) - एखाद्याच्या कामास येणे; a curb (अ कर्ब) - धाक, नियंत्रण; to go astray (टु गो अॅस्ट्रे) - बहकणे; to while away one's time (टु व्हाइल अवे वन्स टाइम) - चैनीत व्यर्थ वेळ दवडणे; vagabond (व्हॅगॅबॉण्ड) - उडाणटप्पू; to take into account (टु टेक इण टु अकाऊण्ट) - लक्षात घेणे; to fall to one's lot (टु फॉल टु वन्स लॉट) - च्या पदरात पडणे, च्या वाट्यास येणे; veneration (व्हेनरेशन) - दुसऱ्याचा आदर