Population Explosion Essay English


 Population Explosion Essay English

In 1901, the population of India was about 235 million. Today in 2003 it is more than 1000 million. India is the second most heavily populated country in the world, the first being China. The annual increase in India's population is almost equal to the population of Australia.

In the past, natural calamities like diseases, earthquakes, and floods kept the population under control. Today, because of progress in medical science, the death rate has gone down drastically. Man's life-span has increased. 

But in the developing countries, the birth rate has not been controlled, leading to a population explosion in these countries. This increase in population creates a scarcity of essential goods. We, in India, always have problems of water scarcity. 

In addition to this, forests are cut and animals displaced or killed in order to make more space for human beings. This again leads to an imbalance in ecology, which will ultimately lead to disaster. In India, the government has been trying, through various means, to keep the population under control.

They have succeeded to a certain extent in the southern states of India - the birth rate in Kerala is one of the lowest in the country. But in the northern states, success has been much lower, and UP is the most highly-populated state in the country.

The government has introduced various birth control measures and family planning programmes. But as long as poverty and illiteracy remain, these programmes will not be successful. Stricter measures must be taken. 

Politicians and famous personalities must be the first to set an example themselves, by having planned families. Right from the primary stage, the idea of small families must be instilled in the minds of students. Advertisements and programmes on TV and radio must also encourage this idea.

In the rural areas, paradoxically, one of the reasons why there are many children is the high rate of infant mortality. The health facilities in the rural areas must be improved so that the children who are born do not die prematurely. Only then can the villagers be persuaded to have smaller but healthier families.

If we do not succeed in controlling our population, there will come a time when all essential goods will be scarce, and we will have to fight even for basic necessities like food and water. Isn't it time that everyone took a very serious view of the matter?

 explosion-स्फोट. scarcity-टंचाई. imbalance-असमतोलपणा. ecology-पर्यावरण शास्त्र,