Essay on autobiography of a soldier in english

 Essay on autobiography of a soldier in english

The idea of having no exams is such a great idea. Even the thought gives us immense pleasure. Our life would be so happy and easy without exams. Frankly speaking, we children like to go to school from the bottom of our heart. 

It is the place where we meet our dear friends. It's a fun to talk, discuss and even quarrel with them. The various subjects taught in the school give us knowledge. The school prepares us to face the challenges in life. it inculcates good habits and discipline in us. 

But when it comes to exams, the smile on our face fades. Exams really make our life miserable. Moreover, there are so many types of exam- weekly tests, unit tests, terminal exam, final exam and so on. 

In addition, there are several types of competitive exams, and the list continues. Then there are the continuous instructions given by parents and teachers. 'Why are you wasting your time?' 'You have your exams nearing. Go and study.' S.S.C exams are the real curse. All these exams make us furious.

We have to follow many restrictions at the time of examination. There is strict ban on watching T.V or movies or reading books and playing. We cannot speak to our friends on phone for a longer time. We are not allowed to spend time with our friends. 

We know all these restrictions are for our benefit, but the main cause behind all is only one- exams. So we students strongly feel that there should be no exams. One more reason for not having an exam is the result that follows. If we get a poor result, then we are subjected to more and more restrictions. 

If one fails in the exam, he or she is detained to the same class again which is extremely insulting. Thus, if there were no exams, we can really enjoy life. There will be no restrictions, no rules to follow. We children will be the happiest creatures on this earth. 

But then, what about the holidays that we get after the exams? What about the prizes and blessings that we get if we score good marks? School examination prepares one for the challenges that one may have to face in the future. It helps in developing the habit of working hard and taking efforts. So it is not very correct to say that there should be no exams, isn't it?