Hello friends! I extend my1 heartfelt thanks to you for inviting me and honouring me on this occasion of World Handicapped Day. In your speech, many of you appreciated me for my hard work and guts. But today I am going to tell you my story. 

I want to share my experiences and difficulties I have faced in my life. I was not born as a handicapped child. I was a happy, notorious school boy just like you till the age of seven. One day while crossing the road, a heavy loaded truck hit me and I fell down. 

I lost my legs in this accident and became permanently disabled. This wheel chair has been my friend since then. I was hospitalized for many months after this accident. I went through many surgeries, therapies and medicines, all of which were unsuccessful. 

Even after coming home, I had to depend on my parents for every small thing. I was unable to go anywhere. I was unable to play cricket. I missed my school and exams. My friends succeeded in examinations and were promoted to higher classes but not me. 

I was very disturbed. I did not want to join the school again. I lost faith in everything. But during all those days my mother motivated me. She always stood behind me and inspired me. She helped me to regain my lost confidence. 

She taught me to carry out my daily activities on my own. She helped me in my studies. I was allowed to appear for the exams on medical ground, and I appeared for the exams and scored good marks. Then I took admission in another school and continued with my higher education. 

My parents realized that I am very good at painting and drawing. They encouraged me to persuade my higher education in this field. After passing my S.S.C. examination, I joined the Arts College in Mumbai.

Today, I am feeling proud to say that I am a famous painter. There is a big demand for my paintings at national and international level. I have held exhibitions of my paintings from time to time. I am also a drawing teacher in a school for handicapped children. 

My parents are my real source of inspiration. They helped me a lot in every adverse situation. I am also thankful to my teachers who have supported me and have encouraged me. I am the happiest person in this world.

I conclude with a small request. Never underestimate any handicapped person. We are equally competent. Instead of sympathising us, just treat us with love and care.